The Status Quo


Everyone was home from Aruba. Well, the newlyweds and their “security” team were. As for Anat, no one knows where she is. She apparently stormed off her Aruban “chef” job.

The gang was back at work. Jen and Jake were adjusting to married life well. Jen wanted a baby girl.

Marc and Alana were together a lot. But were not dating. Just being their usual selves. They kind of gave up on meeting people. One day they figured they’d wed as a joke. Even with their superpowers, no one could tolerate their craziness. They were made for each other. They just needed to grin and bear it and tie the knot. It was inevitable. But would likely take years.

They carried on their somewhat pathetic existence and attraction to each other. They kept the peace in the areas they visited. They didn’t let anyone get in their way. But did it in a dignified way. They just had no patience for immaturity and dishonesty. This occurred whether the people were much senior or junior to them. They forged ahead.

Alana hung with Tzipora who was talking about marriage to Eran. Alana was envious. The two of them had another tryst between the sheets. Alana wasn’t sure what she was doing with herself. Neither was Tzipora. But she needed the connection she had with Eran. She knew she Alana was just having fun. And ultimately, she’s Marc’s.

They all carried along. All was quiet.



The Honeymoon



Jen and Jake were enjoying their Aruba honeymoon. They did nothing but lie on the beach, swim and read. They were so relaxed. After the mayhem at the wedding, they deserved some peace.

Marc and Alana were lurking around and following them. They didn’t want them there. But needed the security. Marc and Alana were amazed at how people have seen them in action. Yet there’s been very little mention on social media or elsewhere. They hoped it stayed that way.

The two of them went SCUBA diving and chilled on the beach. But for the most part, their attentive eyes were on Jen and Jake. Marc was happy for them. He figured he’d never marry. He would just bounce around with Alana. Deep down the two of them enjoyed it.

Jake and Alana were enjoying breakfast at the hotel. Normally they just grabbed Dunkin Donuts and orange juice at ate in their beach chairs. But Jen wanted to sit and have a real breakfast. They ordered hotcakes with blueberries and strawberries, juice, milk and bowls of Frosted Flakes. The waitress came out. with their meal. Their hearts sank. Loaded on top of their hotcakes and in their cereal bowls was dried fruit. Lots of raisins were floating in their cereal. The two lovebirds started to shake. They still breathed in whiffs of the beautiful ABC Islands air.

The waitress came over to see how they were doing. They asked why their order was wrong. The waitress said they just got a new chef from the Middle East and she must have made a mistake. The waitress said the new chef has been there about three days.

The two began to shake. Jake whispered to his new wife, “I hope your ex-boyfriend and that woman he hangs around with are here keeping watch”. “Trust me, Jake, they are here. Marc won’t let anything happen to us. Neither will Alana. “

Anat raced out of the kitchen with a special platter for the newlyweds.

The kitchen staff tried to stop her. But they were pelted with raisins

The Buffalo Wars

Alana and Marc emerged from their Salt Lake swim. They weren’t always the brightest.  They knew the wedding was about to start. So they dried off quickly and put on appropriate attire.

They began to hike over to Antelope Island. They moved quickly. They didn’t want to miss the breaking of the glass.  As they were walking they heard deafening screams.

They knew something had to be going on. They saw a herd of bison running around near the wedding spot.  And they smelled a familiar odor. The two nodded at each other and began to high tail it to the chuppah.

“Don’t you have relations with the buffalo?” asked Alana.

“I only wish I did.  A kid I used to spend my summers with was very close to the mighty animal.  It protected him. The rest of us dreamed to have that.”

The two ran as fast as they could.

They saw Jen and Jake on the floor bleeding. They saw others in the same situation. Then they saw Anat charging on her buffalo at the bride and groom.

Alana and Marc looked at each other.  They jumped onto a tree.  As Anat was heading toward Jen and Jake, Marc jumped off the tree, while Alana shot gallons of wine into Anat’s eyes.   Anat fell off the buffalo. Marc landed on top and rode it like a stallion.  As he was riding, he was meditating. He was thinking of the great buffalo master from his earlier years.  He was channeling him. He got the buffalo to slow down and nod to the rest of the herd.

In the meantime, Alana jumped off the tree and pelted Anat with figs.  They got caught in her filthy hair. She was still on the ground after her fall. She tried to get up but tripped over her boots.  Alana showered her with pomegranate wine.

Meanwhile, the buffalo retreated. Marc hopped off his and walked over to Jake and Jen and began first aid. Alana was checking the other folks.



Jen and Jake Get Married. Or do they?

Jen’s and Jake’s Antelope Island, Salt Lake wedding was rapidly approaching. Why Antelope Island? Years ago, Jake hiked it when he was on a business trip and loved the watching the buffalo roam. He believes that this animal is very spiritual. No one ever understood why.

Much planning went into it. Jake was fairly well off. So he was able to provide transportation to and from for those in need. He kept his financial status quiet. Jen loved him because of him. Not his money. She was never that type of woman. They figured Salt Lake was safe from Anat, too. Jen didn’t want Marc and Alana there to provide security services. She wanted a peaceful wedding and an amazing Israeli honeymoon.

The big day finally arrived. All the guests looked beautiful. But no one looked prettier than Jen. The photographer took great shots of them and the herd of bison that was in the distance.

The wedding was about to begin. Everyone looked beautiful and the weather was perfect. The rabbi called everyone to order. Jake looked so strong and Jen looked like a movie star.

All of a sudden the herd of buffalo came charging at the chuppah. Anat was riding the lead buffalo. She jumped off and started hitting everyone with dates, prunes and the scary and deadly raisin.

“You were so stupid to send out online invites and post a website about this golden day. I hacked everything. The wedding is over. It’s over.”

Jen burst into to tears. Jake tried to hold her. But he was pelted with dried fruit.

They had no idea what to expect next. Their families were running. But the buffalo were charging. People always look at the beauty of the buffalo. Most people forget they are not docile animals.

If they didn’t get help soon there will be a lot seriously injured and perhaps even dead people.


Anat has issues with a mindless mobile phone user

Marc was paddling down the Jordan in Tiberias. He was at peace. Pesach concluded a few days ago and had a few days left in the Holy Land. Alana made sure the young girl they encountered at the beginning of the holiday found her aunt and had a great Seder. All was well.

Anat was back in Safed for the first time in about 10 years. She was walking through the artist section and feeling ok. She decided when she had no one to be with for the holiday to go to Israel. Her parents at one point lived in Safed. She was thinking of buying some jewelry. That was out of character for her. But Safed made you change.

After a few more days in the Holy Land, she flew back to NYC. All was going well. She was not happy. Her loneliness was getting to her. She was strolling down Third Avenue and someone mobile phone user bumped into her. She let it slide. She knew it was one of the mindless people that couldn’t put down their phone. She always wondered what was so important that people had to be engrossed in their phone 24/7? Would it kill them if they missed a text to meet their friend at Starbucks? Were they waiting for orders from the President to be deployed in a war zone? Or were they just clueless?

She kept walking and the mobile carrying woman smacked into her again. This time she screamed at her. Of course, the lady couldn’t hear her as her Earpods were blasting music. Anat had enough. Prunes went flying out her fingertips and smacked the woman in her hands. The woman’s phone fell to the ground. The woman burst into tears as she swooped her phone up off the ground. As she rose, Anat pelted her with dates. The woman fell. Anat hammered away with dried fruit. Finally, Anat had enough and walked to the Second Avenue subway.



Passover in the Old City

Jen was so excited about her upcoming wedding. But before the tied her vows she had to celebrate Pesach. She asked her grandmother to help her make a Seder at her house for the whole family and Jake’s family.  Jen hoped as their married life progressed they would host plenty of holiday dinners.  She was an okay cook. But grandma was better.

She was especially looking forward to living in the Sukkah with Jake in the fall.  She loved that holiday. Sometimes she wished she could live in her Sukkah year round.

 The family had a wonderful time at her Seder.  She purchased all of her food from the Kart.

Meanwhile, Anat was in tears that her grandmother was gone for several years and her special Seders were over. She didn’t have anywhere to go.  Her parents never tried to carry on the Seders. And they probably would have yelled at her all night.  So she cried and cooked for herself.  She never had anywhere to go. It hurt when she heard all of her coworkers talk about their Pesach and Easter plans. She knew a loving family and friends weren’t meant for her.  Why this happened made up her four questions.

Alana and Marc were together as usual in the Old City. Marc finished praying at the Kotel. Then the two of them just sat there clueless before walking to their rabbi’s for the Seder.  The two still were never sure of their relationship.

Tzipora went to Eran’s parents for the Seder.  He was going to her family the next day. On the way, she told him about her lifestyle.  Eran was shocked. But not upset. He took it maturely. He said he accepted her. And would only be upset if she went with another guy.

Marc and Alana got up and decided it was time to go to the Seder. They weren’t late. They were never late for anything. They were taking in the beauty of the Old City. They heard a small child crying and ran toward her.  She was all alone.  She needed her parents. They asked her a few questions.  She just sobbed.

Marc and Alana didn’t want her to be alone. They asked her where her Seder was.  She said in the Old City at her Aunt Miriam’s house.  That didn’t help them. The girl jumped onto Alana. A tear fell from Alana’s eye. She always wanted a little girl to dress in all black.  Maybe not the best image for a cute little baby. But that is Alana. She held her. The girl stopped crying and asked if she could help them find Aunt Miriam’s house.

Naturally, Marc and Alana said, yes.

Anat Wrecks Havoc in Flushing Meadow Park

Finally, Jake was able to place the ring on Jen’s finger. The two were still shaken after the melee that nearly killed them.
They began wedding planning and wondered if they needed to add security to the list of things they needed to have in place. The two lovebirds went about their business.
Meanwhile, Alana and Marc were together nearly 24/7, as they drew up plans to take out Anat.
Tzipora, on the other hand, was getting closer to Eran. But still spending time with women. She knew she had to run this by him. She feared he’d either leave him out fear that one day she’d dump him for a girl. Or be so turned on that he’d want to watch and/or join in. Tzipora was a one woman/man at a time girl. To her, it was love not some guy fantasy thing.
Alana was pounding the pavement at Flushing Meadow Park. The park was somewhat busy. But not packed. People were doing their usual things, barbecuing, kayaking on the lake, playing soccer and just having fun.
She stopped her run by the World’s Fair Globe to stretch her legs. Little kids were running through the sprinklers at the globe. All was well. As Alana broke out of her stretch, she was pelted in the head by rock hard raisins. She ducked down and started spraying wine all over. Anat was hit right the eyes.
“Why are you starting with me? We don’t even know each other. For heaven’s sake, Jen did what she did when she was a kid. Let it go.”
Anat bounced up and nailed Alana with a prune. Alana fired back with figs.
“She was brutal. There was no reason for her to act the way she did. Yeah, it was like 30 years ago. But payback is payback.”
Alana shot more wine. She shot so much that the whole park was getting intoxicated. She didn’t want to hurt anyone. So she retreated.
Meanwhile, Anat kept firing prunes and apricots at anyone that got in her way.